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Bumper Car

19 Aug 2018

Hop inside one of our action-filled bumper cars and maneuver your way around MCM Studio, start bumping or try your best to avoid being bumped into by other bumper cars around you! Get in on the act before you miss out on this opportunity to showcase your acrobatic driving... Read More

Jungle Book

The Jungle Book, a classic by Rudyard Kipling, is a celebration of friendship, fun and adventure that many have grown up with. Come explore the world of The Jungle Book and meet with your favourite characters such as Mowgli, Baloo the fun loving bear and Bagheera the black panther.... Read More

Harry Bunnie

Wander with Harry, a young wannabe magician and his mischievous stage rabbit, Bunnie into their world of Magic and fairytale at Cartoon Planet, MCM Studio. Harry and Bunnie Magic Show Playland is meticulously designed to keep kids age 2 to 6 years old intensely entertained with OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD magical fun!... Read More


Join Yellow and Red to their exclusive underground hide-out at Cartoon Planet’s Larva Underground Adventure World! In their mystical world, kids can enjoy tremendous interactive and competitive games such as The Rolling Worm, Larva Blaster, Larva-Go-Round, etc… All games in the Larva Underground Adventure World are A-WHOLE-LOT-OF-FUN for kids... Read More


At Garfield Family Escape Playland, you get to relax and hangout with Garfield and Odie! Share a delicious meal with your family or enjoy a cup of coffee while spending time with Garfield the lazy cat! Discover secrets at Garfield’s hideouts or swoop in and out of our exciting... Read More

Dino Core

18 Aug 2018

Tyranno, Saber and Stego at the Dinocore Extreme Activity Park are now recruiting the fittest warriors on Planet Earth to fight against the evil forces of Darkno! Warning: this park features trampolines, trampolines and more trampolines; visitors may experience strong feelings of excitement and exhilaration. Here in the trampoline... Read More

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